100% Natural Edible Rice Straw

RiceStrawIndia straws are eco-friendly and are not made from environmentally hazardous chemicals. They are basically formed from sea-weed and don’t contain chemicals in its formation or have harmful or any side effects.

Edible Rice straws are compostable and biodegradable. They dissolve in the environment quickly as compared to any other material. In 60 days or less, an edible straw is completely biodegraded just like any other banana peel whereas it takes 20-200 years for Paper Straw to decompose & 200 years for Plastic Straw to decompose. Once used, you can even throw them up in your plants or garden and they will act as a powerful fertilizer.

You can eat them after finishing your drink as they come in different flavours. They will not affect the taste of your original drink and can remain there as it is for 24 hours.

  • Edible straws contain zero calories! Amazing news for those who are on diet or have diabetes. It means that you can enjoy a pretty good flavour without even consuming sugar!
  • You can enjoy different flavours of edible straws to enhance the taste of your drink. These flavours are vanilla, chocolate, caramel, citrus, and many others are still in the line!
  • You can also enjoy a no flavour edible straw which tastes nothing and is still edible!
  • If you don’t want to eat them, simply dump them in the dustbin and they will degrade themselves.
  • They are marine-friendly and hence not toxic to marine life. Even if they engulf them, there is no side effect of these straws.

Until now!
With the increase in the world’s population, restaurants and café who offer quick beverages and you can also say a ‘lifestyle’ we are living, the use of plastic straws have tremendously increased. Every day, 500 million plastic straws are consumed and the figures are rising.
All of these plastic straws are not even recycled because of their tiny size which is not detected on the recycling sorters. Remember when they used to teach “use dustbin” in schools, they were very right! When we dump our cups and straws from the car they fly away with the wind pressure and the chances are high that somehow they will end up in an ocean.


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