Our straws are made from Whole grain rice flour and tapioca starch.

Absolutely.  Our straws are made from 100% food ingredients.  It is safe for people, animals, and marine life.

RiceStrawIndia straws are recommended for ambient and cold beverages.  Straws can last up to an hour depending on the beverage at which point they start to soften.  After 90 minutes, the straws will be soft enough to simply bite into and eat.

Our straws have almost no flavor.  If you eat them, they taste like rice.

Please visit our shopping page where you can find all our products.  Our straws come in many sizes and colors. 

Absolutely.  Our straws are made with food grade ingredients and contain NO PLASTIC, NO PAPER, only edible ingredients.   They are safe to consume.  If they end up in the ocean, it simply becomes food for marine life.  Our straws are biodegradable, and compostable in 90 days.

Our straws are good for up to 18 months .  We recommend storage in room temperature.

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